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Kul Bute Enutrof Lvl 92 Pandora
Voyageuse Dimensionnelle Rogue Lvl 92 Pandora
Nephron L'Incontinent Masqueraider Lvl 92 Pandora
Tchus Xelor Lvl 50 Pandora
Tchus Le Berger Feca Lvl 47 Pandora
DAT-Barbecuite Osamodas Lvl 36 Pandora
Gromaran Iop Lvl 35 Pandora
Altéfkatr Ecaflip Lvl 31 Pandora
Milbémycine Eniripsa Lvl 30 Pandora

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Hi there !

I'm a player from the french community. I've been following this thread for a long time and i'll probably start the same topic on the french forum (to have more informations with the 2 communities gathered)

I haven't start it already (long to read and traduce informations on 107 pages :3 ) so i come here with a question :
The Knights are the new companions. At the beginning, the lore of the first multimen was established. They are copies of the originals and they can multiply boundlessly....