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Sacrier Lvl 191 Brutas
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Hello, I was making this quest "thunderheart" that the NPC from vulkania Matt Hematik gave me, 23 of july 2017, 12:36 CEST, server brutas.

At the 8th objective, in the step 1 of the quest, you need to talk to pink punter, in (13,-7) Madrestam harbour inside the prison. But when you are inside the prison and go to the part of the map where you are suppose to change to the other room, nothing happens, I tried to click all around that zone but there's no way to go to the other map inside the prison....
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Hi, there's a problem with Insipid Mature Sauroshell, this monster blurs the entire map when it moves/attacks, and it only "fixes" if you close and restart the app. I hope you can check it and fix it because it's very annoying
Thank you.
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Today, I did my first entry on a Dofus Touch Forum topic, and right after that, I wanted to modify my entry, so I click on the button "change" and when I finished and click on "Reply" , two entries appeared instead of modify the first one. Besides when I tried to delete my fist entry I found out there's no any option to do it. 
I hope someone can help me with this, thank you.