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so yeah, today I played dofus and tried out the fisherman profession. So my fisherman is now 20, and I encounter protectors, but they don't drop anything?? Hvae I missed something or what? ATM I'm F2P
By mirkuli - 2013-12-26 16:11:41 in Professions
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Hello all!
I just got my miner to lvl 80, and i was thinking. What should i do, to make some kamas with it? (I have a lvl 70 jeweller and lvl 100 jewellermagus). Thanks for advance!
And how should i level my miner?
By mirkuli - 2013-07-10 20:37:18 in Iop
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hello there people of dofus

i need some advice with my iop. Im using strenght build and i dont know if its still any good. Should i change my build?
and where should i train my iop. I havent found any good place to level up my iop.. any suggestions?