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Member since 2014-12-30


Eliotrope, Grand Souague et glandeur professionnel


Elio-Centrique Eliotrope Lvl 201 Pandora
Crala Brunie Cra Lvl 188 Pandora
Lait Nekaine Pandawa Lvl 172 Pandora
Gonado Steamulant Foggernaut Lvl 169 Pandora
Zoba-Ryton Le Mélomane Masqueraider Lvl 163 Pandora
Enuoc-Mâm Enutrof Lvl 163 Pandora
Zoba Obab Masqueraider Lvl 158 Pandora
Elio-Phylle Eliotrope Lvl 148 Pandora
Sacristina Cordula Sacrier Lvl 144 Pandora
Sadi-Verger Sadida Lvl 135 Pandora
Sadi-Centrique Sadida Lvl 113 Pandora
Eca-Marade Le Rouge Ecaflip Lvl 106 Pandora
Hupper Iclès Huppermage Lvl 106 Pandora
Pandal Tonien Pandawa Lvl 105 Pandora
L'Énine La Rouge Eniripsa Lvl 104 Pandora

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Hello, Adventurer.

If you can read this note, it is because you were chosen from a large panel of participants.
You have been accepted as a new investigator in the international militia.
You will be able to take up your duties from 01 Octolliard 977.
In order to integrate yourself into the rest of the team, we invite you to join our Division of Investigations for Security against Crimes in Organisation and the Regulation of Deviants: D.I.S.C.O.R.D., starting today.
As this post is imbued with Foggernaut...
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Hi everyone !Today I present to you a new Discord bot for the Almanax: Wakmanax!

Wakmanax, what is it?
Wakmanaxis a bot for discord developed in NodeJS on the basis of the Discord.js library allowing to retrieve and display in a message informations about the almanax of the day (name, description, lore and the bonus).

Invite the bot
First of all, a bot is not invited by giving it the invitation link of a server.
Yep, it's too stupid to press a button .
To invite the bot on your server, you must...
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Good morning, Good afternoon, Good night people!

Today I present to you a Bot for your Discord servers: WakStuff!

WakStuff, what is it?
Wakstuff is a bot for discord developed in NodeJS on the basis of the Discord.JS library allowing to retrieve and display in a message the information of the equipment present in the game (name, level, description, stats, etc ...).
It is also able to compare two pieces of equipment in order to show the bonuses lost and gained according to the equipment.