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Eliotrope, Grand Souague et glandeur professionnel
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Elio-Centrique Eliotrope Lvl 200 Dathura
Crala Brunie Cra Lvl 188 Dathura
Lait Nekaine Pandawa Lvl 171 Dathura
Gonado Steamulant Foggernaut Lvl 168 Dathura
Zoba Obab Masqueraider Lvl 157 Dathura
Sacristina Cordula Sacrier Lvl 144 Dathura
Sadi-Verger Sadida Lvl 135 Dathura
Hupper Iclès Huppermage Lvl 104 Aerafal
Oh Sam Les-Brises Osamodas Lvl 104 Aerafal
Pandal Tonien Pandawa Lvl 104 Aerafal
Roub Liable Rogue Lvl 95 Dathura
Eca-Nappée Ecaflip Lvl 35 Remington
Ougi-Néko Ouginak Lvl 35 Remington
Ican Dodamages Too Pandawa Lvl 33 Remington
Roub-Lié Rogue Lvl 31 Remington

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Good morning, Good afternoon, Good night people!

Today I present to you, with a little (big) delay, a Bot for your Discord server: WakStuff!

WakStuff, what is it?
Wakstuff is a bot for discord developed in Ruby on the basis of the DiscordRb library allowing to retrieve and display in a message informations of the equipments present in game (name, level, description, stats, etc ...).
It is also able to compare two pieces of equipment to show the lost and earned bonuses depending on the equipment....
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"Dark, darker, yet darker. The sky keeps darkening."
Astrub villagers seem worried. Unusual events have been appearing on the World of Twelves for a few days.
I can hear someone agitated shouting: "Noxtra Damus predicted it! The end of the world! It's the end of the world!".
"Heh. Who believes these sort of stories told by a Xelor smashed with bamboo milk?" , is what I’m thinking.
I go to the center of the city, between the Zaap and Brutas's Statue. Adventurers come here usually to have some fun......
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Good morning, Good evening, Good night people it's Elio-Centrique!
(don't mind my bad english, I'm french uwu)
Today I am posting on this forum to announce a community and inter-server contest (that's why I post in this section) It is nothing more nor less than "The challenge of the Sum'Hit" !
But what is it then that what? (it's a syntactic style of course)


"The challenge of the Sum'Hit" is largely inspired by the contest of the "GobbStick festival" that Ankama organized in previous...