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Ezickel Cield Feca Lvl 87 Phaeris
Angelic Angelo Eniripsa Lvl 14 Phaeris

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By mics5 - 2015-04-20 11:37:56 in Guilds
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[International] BUTTS

We are an International Guild In Phaeris. We accommodate and welcome new to veteran players of wakfu in our guild. We appreciate friendly, loyal and helpful command-rates.


Guild Level: 10
Alignment: Brakmar
Haven World Location: Amakna

Haven World :
1. Guild Hall Level 3
2. Zaap
3. Phoenix
4. Rotcere Bazaar
5. Straw House x 5
6. Rotoworks Lvl.2
7. Laboratory Lvl. 2 (75% Planting Success rate)
8. Farm Fields (x7)
9. Large Tree Field Area and Herb Area
10. Fully...
By mics5 - 2015-04-18 03:34:11 in Crafting
6 1864
Where is the best Place to level mining for level 90+ (sidmore mines have double sapphire but im not sure of it's the best place to level there). Is there other mines that will be better for leveling ?
By mics5 - 2015-04-16 04:33:42 in Community Events
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I just noticed that the compensation for the 2days migration was:

2 wisdom flask
2 prospecting flask
2 almotoken
2 heaven bag mystery box
and surveyor of the world of twelve (15%exp on fights, 5%drops, 15% more kamas for fights)

Which is not so beneficial for crafters and gatherers like me. I hope they will have an EXP event for crafting soon.