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In online mmo's, ive always wondered if admins or Moderators ingame can use spells/skills from Monsters since they have a range of admin commands to help trough the game. In some games like Wow, GMs can learn any skill from NPCs. 
6 2014

Long time ago, I played with a player named "Hiuun". His Forum Nickname is Andorian.
I played with him Last year. Now I saw, that he was 4 months offline now.

His other characters are: "Rojo von Amara", "Andorian von Amara", "Suunia", "Mandarinchen", "Ensa'a", "Girion" and "Barion von Amara"

The main question is if anybody has contact to him or knows this player.

I would like to play with him again any game because I liked him very much and I think, that he stopped playing Wakfu.