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Ok so this has been happening for a while and I quit dofus at one point because of it and I returned again to see if it has been fixed and it hasn't. I can't play more than 5 minutes of the game with the game lagging then disconnecting from server. I can't kolo, can't even talk to guildies and it's really annoying me. I tried changing the port when connecting, reinstalled Dofus, and restarting my network. My ISP is BT and I'm using BT Infinity so I have fast connection and it is pretty stable. I...
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Hello fellow adventurers!

The new guild [The Forbidden] is recruiting bright adventurers! Whether you are a newcomer, or a seasoned veteran, this guild is for you!

We hope to increase the guild's size so that we can host events and competitions, as well as dungeon runs, xp hunts and much more!

Our only requirement is that you be active and treat everyone like family.

We are also part of the Sunset alliance (Chill). So if all this sounds good to you, either PM me in game, Tofuana, Anhudeya or...
By mersif2987 - 2015-11-11 22:49:12 in Eliotrope
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Hey guys, I have a question about agility elios,

So I'm a huge PvP fan and one of the reasons I made an elio was cuz of their great teambased PvP... I had an agi Iop that did huge amounts of damage but low vitality so ended up dying before getting to deal any damage (besides the point). Anyway I run 9/5 and agililty at 570 with decent hp... one thing I've noticed though is that through all 4 portals (level 90 elio) I do about 270-300 damage per Ridicule... thinking of running 10 ap since i dont...