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The last quest of the Amber Ochre questline, Amber Vow, has a small but very penalising bug.

Although the player has 20 MP, it won't let us use more than a total of 6 for the duration of the turn. If we try to use more, we get the error below:

"Your enemies stop you from moving more than X cells."

This means that if you try to use 6 MP and more after that while being in line of sight with the Demonic Malter, you're essentially stuck and will get hit, potentially costing you the fight in the long...
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For the unaware, Mopy King is a very rare monster native to the Northern region of Otomai Island.

Although Mopy Kings have always had a very slow spawn rate, the competition to kill and soul this monster is relentless (on TalKasha).

I've regularly searched the whole area map by map and found absolutely nothing, and sadly I don't have time to clear maps and hope for a Mopy King to spawn (without having it snagged away from under my fingertips, moreover).

Also, the Mopy King also has an archmonster...
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I need 4 people to beat the Eliocalypse Storm Dungeon; preferably, a tank panda, a feca and any other two characters. But I'm open to trying with a different combo.

My team is: panda, cra, eni, iop

NOTE: To enter the Eliocalypse Storm Dungeon, you must have beaten the four Horsemen in their own dungeon (War, Misery, Corruption, Servitude).

Hit me up in-game on 'Golden-Etemaii' or here!