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I played on an off every now and then. But I might be back.

I first started playing back in summer of 08 when they had the some-what realistic albeit still toony designs. I remember the Snoowolf in the Incarnam dungeon actually looking like a dog sniffing the ground.
Scarabugs actually looked like beetles. Back when critical failures were still a thing (God, I don't miss them)
I stopped playing after level 20. 

I returned, a patch before Bonta/Brakmar came in and people were always fighting over...
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Since the 1/9/15 update, quite a few things have been changed around, one of which is the mining system.
There used to be some mines that had high level metal ore covering the walls of the mine, but since the update you will be lucky to find any ore above Manganese in abundance in any mine.
I can understand that it is to make mining a harder profession since they allowed everyone to do every profession but it feels like they really over did it. I used to be able to find silver in about 5 caves linked...