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By megamanas - 2006-02-23 11:37:50 in Problems and solutions
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started to fight some scaras after update and dmg is INSANE.
I dunno what happened but my PoC base stats should be like 10-45 after update.
I usually hit 2-3 scaras at once with PoC , and now the resistances are insane, for example, i hit white scara for 108dmg and blue scara for 103dmg (that was 1 hit)
PoC is fire dmg , so basically i should hit blue for 150+dmg. After that i hit green scara for 53dmg , i had 270int with my wisdom gear, and i can check calculations my lowest poc dmg with this gear...
By megamanas - 2006-02-20 09:13:51 in Suggestion Box
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Ive been lvling on blue scaras recently, and i noticed that there isnt much spawns of them (i mean groups of 2-3), and they spawn just to rarely. For example wabbits in their land respawn really quickly (those lousy little things Anyway basically my lvling is : 8mins waiting-2mins fighting. Yes we can try groups, but finding good groups takes time, and group xp doesnt shine that much to be worth time. Like my friend said "Life is tough" , but omg its only a game