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I would like to thank Ankama, and specially our lead developer for keeping their promise to the guild Blank.
I'd also like to thank our Community Manager for being so quick to answer my pm's and remindals.

/Irony mode off

Maybe it's time for me to start ignore you and your wishes as well.

By medgix - 2010-08-08 12:57:02 in Suggestion Box
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I've been thinking A LOT about this which most oldtime players and even Ankama knows. Yes, I've been nagging about it quite a bit since 2 years back.

I have a hard time understanding why getting level 100 on a guild isn't beneficial. I mean... It took 3½ years for the first guild to reach level 100. Nothing happened (Well, partially wrong. Shashel - Thank you so much again for that kickass event). A combined effort by hundreds of players. Some grinding their cartooned asses off (there's...