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So yeah, i've gotten to level 93 lumberjack on one of my characters a few months ago and stopped seeing as none of the woods sell in the market... so i was wondering if it's worth getting 100 lumberjack just to sell the aspen woods? do they sell fast enough too? thanks!
By mc-spark - 2012-07-08 21:34:53 in General Discussion
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Hello everyone, i am thinking of buying ice daggers, but im not sure if it's worth paying double the money just for neutral to agility damage change? does 6-10 air dmg 8-13 neutral dmg have any difference? is it really worth paying the extra kamas? Thanks  
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so, i was thinking of changing into a SoJ build but im not sure what items to equip? i now have 9ap 5mp ~600agility ( 101scrolled) and ~1.6k hp ( all the points into vitality ). So what items would you reccomend me for SoJ build? Thanks!