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I got two whole sets of items for sale, one from int/cha Sadi and one from int feca including mounts and trophies. It's all high end stuff 192+ items. I am willing to sell everything at good 15% off market value. Doing it cause I'm converting to solo accounting and want to buy end game equipment.
Post your nickname here if u r interested and I'll talk to you in game.
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Hi everybody!
im writing here to ask u all about what to do after leveling my characters.
Currently I got two characters 200 and 196 and I realised I didn't explore the game as much as I would like to. Came back to the game after long break and a lot of things has changed. Once I hit 198 on my feca I want to do something else since I don't need much more leveling and pretty much that's all I've been doing while playing dofus. I also play some Pvp but I think I need something more than that. What...