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Chin Tu Fat Osamodas Lvl 121 Remington
Captain Flatulence Foggernaut Lvl 120 Remington
Mattymaats Ecaflip Lvl 91 Remington
Hu Flung Pu Pandawa Lvl 91 Remington
Mister-Boombastic Rogue Lvl 85 Remington

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Please for the sake of our hearing please either lower the volume of the new wolf mount or remove it as it's bloody annoying. I have the background sound volume turned quite low and the wolf is still so loud when I'm standing near someone with it so RIP my hears because of my headset. Also why would you record the bark of a Pomeranian for the big wolf mount? It sounds pretty stupid :blink: 
By mattymaats - 2015-09-06 15:04:05 in Trade
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Sold - Please keep an eye out for additional posts  
By mattymaats - 2015-09-05 12:40:41 in Trade
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Hey guys,

So I'm selling the items from the summer pack so if you want to grab the set drop me a message on here or a PM on the server.

Currently I have the following items for sale.

Golden Surimi - 1 left
Shark Costume x2 - SOLD
Title: Treasure Hunter
Emote: Water Bomb
Bedroom Set - 9 decoration items based on the beach theme x 2
Eniripsa Haven Bag Kit x 2

Updated with items I still have for sale