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Hace unos minutos compre un Bonus, y no se me activo, desconecte el personaje y lo volvi a conectar, no se activo, por favor ayuda.

A few minutes ago I bought a Bonus, and I was not activated, disconnected the character and reconnected, not activated, please help.
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Hello, I'm ankal again reporting Bots.
In this case Zaton is a recognized bot that have reported on several occasions There is mine

On this occasion I see him arrive and I decide to talk to him before he activates his bot, in the video that he recorded, he is seen next as he affirms to be a BOT, AS BURLA OF THE MODERATORS AND AS AFFIRMS TO BE A PROGRAMMER.

If you ban easy it can create another pj and...
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Hello, I am ankal anutrof 164 server GROSS. This type of bot is activated at dawn, do not stay in a single room, only run copper for its purpose, some bot are detected because at the moment that is given exchange are bugean or lagean, this only enters and Comes out as you record it in the following video:

Salut, je suis ankal 164 Enutrof serveur BRUT. Ce type de robot sont activés dans la matinée, ne pas rester dans une pièce, une course par votre cible en cuivre,...