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This two "new" dofuses completely disbalanced PVP in this game - it is obvious. I don't have any idea why nobody has created such a topic there. 

Ivory Dofus is a one dofus, that gives you much better effects, than 5 trophies at once. 50% damage reduced is a horrible thing when it comes to pvp. It is necessary to everytime before any attack waste at least 2 ap to take its effects off and if situation is disadventageous for attacker (e.g. opponent with ivory dofus is hidden behing a wall, you may...
By maruniasz - 2018-12-18 19:24:38 in Suggestion Box
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There is a big issue, when it comes to fights against perceptors. It is much harder to defend perceptor, than to kill it and the reason is logic (already organised attackers vs chaotic defenders, that have limited time to join) even when a well organised alliance is attacked, all of defenders are in much worse situation (they don't even know what the arrangement on map and do they need more cc or range characters and may be already in e.g. kolossium fight or during a final fight in dungeon etc.)...
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It works soo bad, when they use clover and summon CHAFER LANCER EVERY 5 TURNS that HITS OVER 200+ !!!and reapes mp -1 or even -2mp!!! Its pointless and horrible on mono account servers. On kolossium, 1v1, wherever. Ecaflip is ecaflip not osamodas. Summons do job instead of ecaflip (that new kitten hits almost too much and range dmg..). They can just run away and wait till lancers finish us. Theres almost no way to kill that lancer as they have 1400hp+ and 50% resistances. 
I hope that you noticed...