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By marthinm - 2010-01-04 18:04:50 in Enutrof
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Well i'm a miner, level 30 (mining 20). I did try darkminers to be able to level mining faster...sigh did i get killed (hit for 200+!)

When can i solo them? lvl 50?
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Well level 22 right now, doing OK in piglets, but comparing to the other classes i played this is a pain.
Got robber set

Got 5/5 coin, 3/5 living bag, 4/5 ghostly.

How do you fight? Right now i throw a bag, then coins like crazy and hope for the best.
Alot guides says level 26+ its gets more easy. Why...?

Also what is fortune used for right now? It doesnt affect coin right?