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Dear Ankama,

I do not know where I can find this information, but maybe you could share with us as Consumers your service your ideas and plans in 2020 regarding the Dofus Retro. What kind of functionalities would you like to implement and when? Would you like to implement a part of the Frigost island? 

My question is because for 2 weeks 3 servers will be migrated into one. What's next and when?

Thank you

Anyway will let me know?
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I would like to ask if some of you have got a performance issue in case of opening 4+ Dofus Retro.
A few years ago I had the possibility to play on 8 accounts, but right now I am opening 5 (Dofus Retro) and I have got big lags. I am playing on 'Low' Mode. The Internet is not an issue, because I have got 600 MB/s.

The computer also is very good (16 GB ram DDR, i7, etc). 
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Few days ago I have played on 5 accounts on the Retro Server Algathe and everything was fine. From yesterday I am observing big lags via big B .

I decided to make reinstall but later this happened (image).
Could you please let me know what should I do?