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It was by accident a tofu came wandering into an Enutrof's workshop; it was even more of a strange thing when they found what it was carrying. A mysterious metal, shinier than gold and harder than a diamond, was found in its beak. It's possible the mine this metal came from could make its lucky owner very rich.

Rumor spreads through Astrub about the mineral quickly. No price has been set because specialists are still looking into it. However, the king of Astrub has put in an inquisition, and...
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Most of the time, when warriors die, their spirits are carried to the great beyond, where their soul can rest. A funeral is held by their respective families and friends, paying tribute to them and allowing them to pass on.

But sometimes, this doesn't happen--and some spirits are doomed to wander the world, unable to interfere with others. They can only watch as the world moves on without them.

This is one such spirit, an unnamed cra who died in Cania somewhere. She appears in random places...