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Since Emulators are not allowed i recommend to not use them.
Anyway coming from "The other Dofus" where multiaccount is possible i can tell you that the most efficient Team of 4 is : IOP, PANDA, ENIRIPSA, CRA. (Finally did Missiz freez with them xD ).
I got a 7 chars Team: 200 iop , 200 panda , 200 cra, 200 sram, 199 eni, 199 enu, 199 masq. If your objective is making achievements, well, you will need almost all classes because evry class has specific characteristics(see Enutrof in removing MP or...
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Capturing a DragoTurkey is not so easy...i did it for the emerald (or crimson) dofus challenge i don't remember, u need patience xD i don't know the exact %capturing rate of chance, i used to do it with 1 character hoping the DT to get caught. Good Luck