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Hi , just for fun, wanted to share a good moment with you. Armor piercing needed i guess.

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Hi, i'm always doubtful about buying a certain spell/card from the shop because sometime  happens that i don't know wich god can use in his deck that card i'd like to buy. (For example i would have liked to buy "Dodge" today, but im not sure a iop could use it). I suggest to improve the system making a small dialog window, or something like that, wich appears dragging the cursor on a card or something simillar,  wich indicates which god can use that specific card.
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Do not tell me now: Play an aggro deck, play silencer cards, play what the f***k u want....try to play with a noob stupid paladir's deck cra combined with "cra" cards...Result? Easy ---> Start of fight---> Click on the upright button---> Select "Surrender"---> Push "Yes"!---> Hope to not find an other cra ---> if this happened repeat all the previous steps .
At least try to make good paladir cards also for the others god...don't focus your "Wonderful creativity" just on cras .