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Hi all, i have just transfered a level 200 character to a new acocunt without i'd want to transfer from the same account an other lv 200 character to a new one but when i fill all the field required (Login, password, pseudo, captcha) for the new account, it redirects me to the same page emptying those fields and creating could i solve that problem? Thanks

Edit: solved by transfering in an existing account...
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Hi there, today at 13:57 (Italy time) i subscribed for a week with SMS Zong method. Now , at 14;37 (Italy time), i'm still Not-subscribed. Actually i don't care so much about this because i've spent , fortunately, only 2 euros in this way, but i'm afraid this could happen again when i spend more.. and this is not good. Before you can say it: I have not wrong my username or password or anything else, i have done all this as i've always done. Thanks for attention.