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Member since 2017-01-20


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-08-20


Manicosama Iop Lvl 130 Nox
Ocaniarydin Sram Lvl 112 Remington
Manicstarzey Osamodas Lvl 84 Nox
Manicstarz Sram Lvl 64 Remington
Manicstarzy Sacrier Lvl 49 Nox
Manicix Masqueraider Lvl 39 Nox
Manicrestor Sram Lvl 14 Nox
Manicstarydin Ouginak Lvl 9 Remington
Manicrydin Cra Lvl 7 Remington

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Any moderator would you mind bringing back world pvp for the sake of the ecosystem. There's some players that destroy everything and they need to be stopped. Plus I've played wakfu on and off recently and want that pleasure back please and thank you. Just keep it in your thoughts because it was what made the game fun. Anyone else feel the same way?