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Member since 2007-01-26


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Last login: 2019-08-19


Feca Lvl 199 Echo
Cra Lvl 132 Echo
Pandawa Lvl 95 Echo
Enutrof Lvl 95 Echo

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Hi guys.
I played Dofus about 10 years ago on the Rosal server. I was one of the highest-ranking Feca, one of the best breeders, etc. Time passes, sentiment encourages me to return to the game, but ... So many changes have happened that I can not get any sense of it. Anyone willing to answer thousands of questions (preferably via e-mail)? Mostly Polish ...

Grałem w Dofus jakieś 10 lat temu, na serwerze Rosal. Byłem jednym z najwyższych rangą Feca, jednym z najlepszych hodowców smokoindyków...
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Yeah, a friday maintenance give back all items in houses chests...
I have had some lucky belts, made by my shoemaker. 354 in fact. And they appear again after fridays maintenance. But I have made another 200-300 onf lucky belts. Then put them into chest... And I saw TWO different kind of items in chest! TWO different kind of belt -however, with the same name, the same stats... Then I took those different belts to the NPC which change it to small scroll of inteligence. This NPC took 100 of first...