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By mafelein - 2021-09-30 06:43:29 in General Discussions
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hi , well i hope this all could bring some constructive critics and probably enlight some problems with new server .

i start with my concerns first:

1-language and cultural barriers:
rubilax start to seem just another elbor server , if this continues is very possible to end up on a new server for just spanish and brazilian community .this new server was to integrate all communities ,instead i see they just more distanced (is a real minority of people that are on the integration mood), is this something...
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well is this rushu server international? , then i guess we all most keep the same conditions for an international server .
i suggest new ban system for not using english in trade and recruitment channel , why ? because is international server  and that had been respected in the past servers Nox OR Remmington used english as a international server language .

i can add something also that is happening and is that latin american players are using some spanish slang to confuse mods  and sell kamas...
By mafelein - 2020-11-11 17:11:34 in Fan Art
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FanArt by me Goug