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Sultane Pandawa Lvl 200 Remington
Dardondakall Feca Lvl 191 Remington
Niples Ecaflip Lvl 178 Remington
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HI, guys i know maybe changes are cool for some and for others means a rage quit so i will try to expose my concerns because even if ankama are the rulers of this game well sometimes they need logic to make sense ... and now i feel they in the path of nonsense at all... 

anime is what rules or must be the ruler of this game not a simple dev trying to be super creative .... and some statements of the visual anime series  are violated here:
elios that dont play around with their portals .......
By mafelein - 2020-02-17 14:51:23 in Trade
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looking for the unlinked version of course.... paying 20mk!

ING:gougaloragran , terrakouriall 

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HI Ankama , this is directly to you ...
It is possible YOU answer this questions?

-Do Ankama cares or not about in-game server problems?
-Do Ankama will or not do anything to control that toxic players that still use their social power to abuse and harm the whole server in different ways?
-It is possible Ankama pay once per week a CM in-game to control social(nations)chaos ?
-Is Ankama aware that social(nations)chaos in a server means more players that quit game?
-Is Ankama aware that quit a game...