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Sultane Pandawa Lvl 200 Rubilax
Dardondakall Feca Lvl 191 Rubilax
Niples Ecaflip Lvl 178 Rubilax
Feral-Tamer Osamodas Lvl 149 Rubilax
Aquabriall Sadida Lvl 111 Rubilax

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in my personal opinion i found much more interesting the last wakfunding that gave 3 different fancy prizes ... i completly agree that is not buying the items is just to help funding the production and so far is very cool  , so far only salty comment would be : what ankama means by 30 months exclusive ? i mean as every kisckstarter funding people may feel exclusive themselves by getting real exclusive in game stuff...perfect example nox costume 

best regards and thank you for...
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hI guys , well i want to make this thread to make some usefull feedback to ankama on this parallelism between this 2 type of players .

after read lot of threads i see that theres some kind of discusion between payers and i think the problem here to meet the criteria so it works for all is based on the differences this two types of players have in their play time ...
there are many types of players like  dedicate farmers to the casual farmer , the hardcore fighter to the  casual one ....
all this...