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When the World was no longer young, and the gods had fallen silent...


Creissante Lune Eniripsa Lvl 206 Nox
Yugen Redmane Eliotrope Lvl 170 Nox
Tokemi The Tinkerer Xelor Lvl 169 Nox
Laoban Sun Pandawa Lvl 150 Nox
Elssen Storvik Enutrof Lvl 130 Nox
Ranulf Mac Somhairle Feca Lvl 120 Nox
Gnugnushka Bloketu Osamodas Lvl 115 Nox
Wesson Colt Smith Rogue Lvl 110 Nox
Isla De Lagrandaventure Ouginak Lvl 110 Nox
Manoj Puri Sadida Lvl 100 Remington
Alala Mavrokordatos Iop Lvl 80 Remington
Number Two Nine Two Foggernaut Lvl 60 Remington
Isabis Okotie-Eboh Cra Lvl 60 Remington
Master Thief Vencio Sram Lvl 60 Remington
Yelena The Faithless Masqueraider Lvl 60 Remington

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By lunarmurchen - 2018-12-08 23:10:11 in Off Topic
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I hope I put this in the right category; apologies if I didn't.

I have been following the protests/rioting that have been occurring in France over the past several weeks. To everyone at Ankama: I sincerely hope that you and your families and loved ones are safe, and that fortune has favored each of you during your daily travels. Please, be careful, and thank you all for your hard work in bringing us the new nations.

(For those who would like to know more about current events in France: here, here,...
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Trying to work my way up to the level where I can zaap to the Upper Slopes of Mount Zinit, since I can't solo the ridiculous Whirlies for Otomai's majyck anti-miasma potion. Would anyone be kind enough to clarify at what level you can zaap to the Upper Slopes, as I've found three different suggested levels in my own searches: the obligatory level 150, level 156 (?), and level 164 (????). Perhaps one of those is correct, but I don't actually know, though I've confirmed that the zaap doesn't unlock...