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Hello Ankama and everybody,

I am fairly new to DT (around 6 month in) but fairly old on Dofus in general (started like 10 years ago).
Being this new i never even saw the first, big emulator for DT, namely DT No Emu.

I read the topic on its closing, and I'd love some light to be shed on this. I will quote Ankama in Italics and write questions/comments in bold, if any.

Official Ankama post on No Emu closing:

The creation, distribution and use of emulators are strictly prohibited by our Terms of...
By luisbonton - 2019-04-03 20:21:39 in Bug Reports
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nothing else to add, issue is well known, solution isn't. be serious and do something, please. it's possibly only a corrupted map file, i can't believe you can't implement some integrity check on your files or just double-check after putting them online.

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Hello everybody!

wanted to ask a question that i had in my mind for the last month. is it just an impression, or ascension island is way too unbalanced in terms of cost-rewards?

i come from Dodge server, and there all the recipes that include orbs cost like 10 times an average item of the same level. is this how it is meant to be?

Also, how is a level 170-ish character, wanting to craft that awesome poacher set, supposed to gain enough mats for it? if i did the math right, he will need to reach...