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By skullsnerz - 2017-05-24 17:21:38 in Sacrier
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Sacriers are really weak now! I have played this class for 5 years and leveled it to level 200! But now I can't play him anymore! Return back the old lovely sacrier with his punishments and dissolution!!! Or make two choices of spells for sacrier and let people choose! I think it will be fair enough!
976 123438
Please return back the old sacrier with his strong punishments and dissolution. The new one is a disaster! He is so weak! You just destroyed my favourite hero! Wasted time on level sacrier to 200 level 2 years ago :/ Or just make 2 different sacriers and let people to choose which they want! Please!
By [Nerodos] - 2017-03-14 21:40:35 in Sacrier
21 6505
I haven't been playing for 2 years and have finally returned to the game. My favourite hero was always sacrier. He was so strong that I could fight with many monsters alone with no problems. But what happened? Why did you make him so weak? I got in fight and just lost where I would never loose! I just don't like this hero anymore! Return the old loved sacrier with punishments for chance, agility and vitality and moreover, dissolution! I leveled my sacrier to level 200 before leaving and was so happy...