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I am here from the future, 11/12/2019 came back to dofus after a year of absence and had to reinstall the game twice, ran ok yesterday but today my client is outdated? Well then how about you bloody update yourself you piece of garbage software?
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It is a good move, when i first started playing ( back in.... 2007 i think) it took days of farming to get gobbal set and by then i already could wear almost full royal gob. I believe changes that make it easier for new players are needed as most players have hit 200 on atleast 1 char already. If we have an influx of low levels it will greatly enchance the game. Right now newbies are getting wis gear and hopimg to be leeched till mid 100s as its not efficient to gear up before that.
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I even freeze while playing only 1 account, sometime i would wait for other players to get ready for battle and without minimizing i will get random spinning sandglass and i have to type in the chat to get unstuck.