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Flonnie Feca Lvl 200 Phaeris
Ariska Iop Lvl 1 Phaeris
Firebee Rogue Lvl 1 Phaeris
Arial Frost Masqueraider Lvl 1 Phaeris
Scarlet Hunter Sacrier Lvl 1 Phaeris

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So i saw design hair for Ouginak event and here is my idea but i don't know where to post it:
nuff said:
And yea: Ed...ward...
 ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°
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Now all the archmonster have gone F2P: Gengas, Koko Rico, Dandy.
So i think it time to re-active the old Archmob weekend event.
The goal still the same we help each other collect the materials and open it for whole server. Now we add Dandy in it so there will be more materials require.
If anyone can help me collect the materials for the event that would be great. Contact me my IGN is Fée De La Mort that my main char if you feel that name too hard to type then contact Elyssia my 2nd char or contact...