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Member since 2009-09-21


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Last login: 2019-06-23


Flyrre Cra Lvl 124 Remington
Rushuel Sram Lvl 121 Remington
Ithyllia Iop Lvl 120 Remington
Dragonwaltz Eliotrope Lvl 120 Remington
Rapport Osamodas Lvl 118 Remington
Sanctum Imperium Feca Lvl 112 Remington
Mechanical Menace Foggernaut Lvl 110 Remington
Zeloriel Xelor Lvl 110 Remington
Alphe Sacrier Lvl 107 Remington
Quadramental Flow Huppermage Lvl 36 Remington

Activity on the wakfu Forum

By lolpc - 2019-05-25 21:00:01 in Trade
0 53
Reply to the thread or PM me with your offer and I'll get in touch.

By lolpc - 2019-05-21 14:14:43 in Suggestions
2 102

Is there a reason why the market board deducts kamas from the player when they post an item to the board?

I was thinking that it'd be better if it applied the tax on-sale, rather than on-post, because honestly it is a deterrent to lose kamas before a sale is confirmed (i.e. when selling expensive items).

If this is a good idea, please post it to the "Your Expectations for 2019" thread, as somehow I am unable to.

Have fun!