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Member since 2010-08-09


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Status: Subscribed
Last login: 2019-06-18


Prozpekting Enutrof Lvl 200 Remington
Enmenduranki Foggernaut Lvl 161 Remington
Prozcanheal Eniripsa Lvl 161 Remington
Prozcantank Sacrier Lvl 142 Remington
Requiem The Osa Osamodas Lvl 134 Remington
Peepoodo Huppermage Lvl 128 Remington
Croninho Sram Lvl 114 Remington
Jeviclet Rogue Lvl 114 Remington
Sinistrong Xelor Lvl 103 Remington
Athera Masqueraider Lvl 93 Remington
Jumimo Pandawa Lvl 86 Remington
Ensikan Eliotrope Lvl 80 Remington
Nolaxe Huppermage Lvl 1 Nox

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Absolutely beautiful!
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I'm terrible at pixel art 
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^ that too