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Iop Lvl 193 Echo
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Veritas Aequitas
Sacrier Lvl 37 Ilyzaelle
Veritas Aequitas

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So a guildie of mine got hacked. Lost all his stuff.
We would like to help him build his account again and loan him some money but we are afraid that since he has been breached once that the attacker would be able to enter again.
How can we secure his account? Will the shield feature be enough. (Since changing password is a must i didnt include it here).

Since he says that he never shared his password it only remains that the attacker either used a dictionary attack or somehow he installed a virus/keylogger...
By lmfea - 2017-12-25 21:54:30 in Professions
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So im a 190+ Iop with serveral professions in 200. Ive quited for a year or two and now i started again and ive no idea how to earn money except tryin to sell doploons. Ive friends who make several Mk on weekly basis by buyin and sellin items. I need kamas to buy sets etc so maybe can anyone here help me with a fool-proof way to earn kamas at a decent rate?