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Since last night I have not been able to buy or sell to the npcs at each market like resource market and arena. I have tried clearing cache completely and using a different character but it still freezes me up to where I have to go out then log back in or at least change character. I do not get a market of items showing up or the sell screen at all. I sent a ticket into ankama already with no reply yet. Any suggestions? Also I recently noticed when trying to buy from merchants it pops up my side...
By lionesser - 2009-10-17 19:35:34 in Problems and solutions
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For the past 30+ minutes I have gotten the same error as I try to get back into dofus. Server receiving too many requests simulatenously please wait a few minutes and try to log in then. A few minutes is long past, a half hour plus is rather annoying to wait when you already pay to play a game. This is on the rosal server. Any suggestions on how to get back on faster?