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Sram Lvl 59 Thanatena
Feca Lvl 53 Thanatena
Enutrof Lvl 42 Oto-Mustam

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Hey guys,

I need some help. After being away for a while I wanted to start dofus again trough the uploader. It needs top update so it connects to the server, fetching update content 100%, after that it is ''computing modifications''. This is where the problem starts. It computes untill 23% no problem, after that it freezes. The updater stays active (i can flick trough the update information/advertisement) and the computer doenst freeze. After about a minute or so the update/luncher just dissapears...
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Hey guys for some time i have a problem entering the wa wabbit castle.
Im at the key holder and he has a ! above his head.
But when i talk to him i only get the option to teleport group members.
I tryed doing all quests but still the same result. I also tryed resetting the cashe but still no succes.
PLZ help me guys! im goign crazy!

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By limburger - 2014-04-07 12:24:19 in Suggestion Box
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Now the doors from the new to the old are opened and the gods are being conquested adventures find new things in the riches of the enutrof god's lair. What are the riches you may ask?
Hahahaha the gods, the original 12, made gems, gems enforced with POWER greater than any could imagine!
Do you dare to snatch the riches from the lair of the enutrof?

There are gems dropped by bosses? or find raw, dropped,mined and made/cut by jewelers?

For instant:
[green gem] lvl 10-20 +20 str, 20-50 +30...