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How about returning the Dark Miners to most or all of the mines to keep the bots out?

I've seen more miner bots around in the last week than in the last five years combined.
By lazaustin - 2013-04-20 16:13:24 in Professions
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I've noticed that since the changes in mob structure in the Crackler Mountain area that it's much harder now to farm earth kwak feathers. Of course, these feathered lovelies used to spawn in fairly pure and predictable mobs around the earth kwakere nest on Crackler Mountain and in some other mobs in the area. It had been pretty easy to farm 100 feathers. Now you rarely see more than a couple of them in a mob, and they're mixed in with Cracklers and Crackrock.

I'm OK with the change, but since earth...