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So do the forum moderators have any sort of direct communication with the developers of the game? I find it odd that so many people have been unable to log into the game and yet there has been no status update anywhere from the look of things, do the forum mods get told about current issues to put on the forum? Or do the devs come on here and let everyone know whats going on, just seems a bit weird that there would be such a problem and the people who are testing the game get left in the dark about...
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So far I'm loving this game but unfortunately much like dofus I can already see it begining to become plagued by gold selling bots, I have a suggestion that would wipe out the irritation that these bots cause.

I used to play mabinogi and there was one thing that they had that i thought was perfect, A blacklist. When you black listed somebody they where gone completely from your world, you couldn't see them, see any messages from them or receive mail/tells or anything that person was literally non-existant...