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Get a bunch of Livestreamers/commentators to where DWS is taking place and host a English Livestream from the event with the Ankama teams support?

To make this happen we need :

1. Convince Ankama to make a English livestream/ invite some streamers to come... Sooo everyone who wants this to happen tweet/instagram/reddit etc etc... @Dofus_en !! 
2. Get streamers(commentators) to go to the final in France at the event, interested? leave a post under!! 
3. (if your not going there) Get all your...
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Who are we?

We are from the Server Dark Vlad (Dutch server), Recently moved to this new guild with a bunch of friends.

Our members are adult-ich players and are always open for a nice chat, We are ready to help if you are to help us, when needed ^^

Most of us are on dofus for around 10years now and have teams of 200's.

We can offer a Friendly helpful guild with soon hopefully a lot more members.

Currently in the Alliance Cygnus.

How to join?

Do you think you fit to this guild? Make sure to...
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Every game has some kind of rewards for ranking at the end of the month or season.

Why does dofus not have something like this?

It would be as simple as giving the top 10 of every class at certain lvl ranges (every 10 or 20lvls?) a Reward which may even be cosmetical(Item ornament titel whatever).
Would make it alot more fun to do high lvl Koloseum.

Looking at koloseum 1v1 right now... High lvl/rating people have matches up to 30 to 60minutes.....lower lvl/rating do quick 2 to 3min matches and...