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Not playing the class tbh is the most immature , irrelevant and useless solution ever tbh. Moreover this thread is about discussing what can be done to make it better, not about suggesting go play another character if you don't like it

I like playing summoner classes. I enjoy being a summoner. That's what was promised in osas. If I needed a hard hitting character I would have gone iop. But i chose osa because I like summons do my bidding. Thats hardly the case though.

I would definitely love...
464 60526
iase|2013-11-08 22:04:23Osas need a huge overhaul just like IOPs. We don't have but 1 good build and that is INT.... don't even say Vita is a Build because is just abusing what osas do best.... Is more of a play-stile than a build actually.

Why can't our summons spells do damage also... like the mino tofu toss spell that would be cool. Or just dome something to the freaking osas... do something new.
Exactly what i would like to point out.

we need a rebuild for osa. a huge overhaul. to the point...
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