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So I got the 20usd pack at steam. Comes with a Potion of Wise Fortune buff. Used it. Then used a wisdom flask. The wisdom flask destroyed the Potion of Wise Fortune buff. Nothing on either said this would happen.

So no text on either.

No ui prompts letting me know.

One is a time duration buff

Other is a battle sequence buff

The lesser over took the greater

A lot of new people are going to go and buy the steam packs, load up that 7 day, and get a wisdom candy and destroy it? I mean c'mon here...
By kuggy - 2014-09-13 04:31:17 in Technical Issues
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My cpu is a 4670k @ 4.5ghz. When using multi client of 2 the total cpu usage is generally 18-20%ish. However one core jumps to 100% causing the game to relatively freeze for around 5-6 seconds before coming back to normal maybe every few minutes or so. The sound begins to stutter to nothing and then stutters back to normal with it. I can alt tab and nothing else is effected. To even push this further I loaded up another game and the issues persisted as they have been while alt tabbing shows the other...