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When i click 'Play' in the 'Launcher Dofus' window to launch Dofus 2.0 the 'Launcher Dofus' window is still open, when i close it, dofus 2.0 does not have anymore sound (music/effects/enviroment).

I have no idea where to send a report, under 'report a bug' i checked under the sound tab and there was no 'send a ticket' so this was the only other way to report it ...
If you intend for players to send bug reports, please make it easy to report them >,
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I'm currently downloading the OB version of Dofus 2.0 and i was wondering, is there an option for users to change their skins (colour & gender) of their characters?

Another thing is weather bacbook pro can play it. My friend is currently having problems running Dofus & DofusArena2. I haven't seen him for 2 years since he moved and he recently got back his internet. He has a new com - Macbook Pro (Snowleopard; i think) and is having this problem. Besides that, it seems that his account has...