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Yes, I gave in to the magical world of multi-accounting. However, it seems that it's impossible to set up the sound in fights in both of the clients. I'm aware that the sound is provided through the updater (even though from the programming point of view I have no idea why is that the case), and while I do get interface sounds from both clients, my second one is muted when it enters a fight. It's reasonable thing to do when both of the characters are in the same fight, however, when I do Korriander...
By kodokudesu - 2015-02-08 21:06:58 in General Discussion
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So, what does your everyday in-game life look like? Most of mid-level characters need constant income so they can upgrade to better sets and generating kamas is no easy thing to do. Also, there are a lot of experience earning methods, so it would be cool if some people would share theirs. Note to mods: I'd like this thread not to be moved to Jobs section as this is not about kama-generation, just your daily routine in World of Twelve.

As a mid-level character (160), I always start my day by visiting...
By kodokudesu - 2015-02-01 22:26:22 in Suggestion Box
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Well, this seems pretty self explanatory. I know there are a lot of means of transport in Dofus, however, starting area has none. I also understand that new players have to walk in order to get to know the playground, however, it's quite tedious when you want to run an alt and start doing beginner's quests, particularly the profession ones in which you have to talk to every profession master in Astrub and it's surroundings. Astrub is probably half-size of Bonta or Brakmar, but having transportation...