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Since the 2.46 update the Ecaflip spell "Trickery" no longer show's up in the damage preview, and that make's the spell near un-useable since you can no longer know which element it is going to use. This is something that i really think should be looked at since it makes the spell version absolutely awful.

EDIT: It seems that any spell that does several instances of damage (even pushback) are bugged atm and are not showing their correct (or showing at all) damage numbers. A fix to this would...
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Only requirement is that it is ride able. IGN: Zephrees
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After the January class balance patch it seems that most of my spells are now showing the wrong numbers in the damage preview, strangely even some of the ones that were not changes (hidden nerfs or just another bug?). Any help with that would be much appreciated since a damage preview that shows the wrong numbers are kind of counter intuitive.