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I just don't like how the omega lvl banner looks with a lot of ornaments and it takes away the bottom parts of them like the cool sword for the alignment ornaments. 

Please put an option either in the options or in the ornament choosing interface to not show your omega level..
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I don't know when the change that made starting positions change on each map after each fight or after a certain amount of time happened, but I think it screws with quest fights too much since they're also affected. I've been doing some solo quest fights in the abyss area and the random starting positions really suck sometimes by making you start right in the middle of a mob and the only way to change is to beat a normal fight on the same map or wait until it changes on it's own.

So why not just...
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This has been bothering me for quite a while, though I never bothered asking anyone about it until now.

I want to know why using Claw of Ceangal fails the don't ap roop challenges, and Fate of Ecaflip fails the don't mp roop challenges. Both these spells have the additional effect of ap or mp rooping the target, but this effect has to be triggered. So why do the challenges automatically fail when the spell is used, not when the trigger is activated? I have a hard time believing Ankama means it to...