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Osamodas Lvl 164 Echo
War Clan
Xelor Lvl 151 Echo
War Clan
Sram Lvl 70 Echo
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did you already try to download the ZIP-version (tar.gz for Mac) of Dofus?
Here's the Link for Mac 
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Schmendrick|2013-06-18 04:24:40Um, I'm not sure if you looked at the actual dates of the posts I quoted, or went back and read the entire posts that they came from, but Ankama has been saying that Oto Mustam is the PvP Server (not PvP-only, but definitely PvP-encouraged) for at least three years.
In 2010. clarkymark|2013-06-18 08:09:10last 3 years... even if that was true, heroic is a lot older.That's it. to be more pecise it started on 23rd of September 2008. (klick the green button at Oto Mustam,...
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Schmendrick|2013-06-16 20:52:31You also made the choice to create your character on the server explicitly designated as the PvP server. That's what the Heroic server is primarily supposed to be for, and Ankama has made no secret of the fact.Izmar|2011-09-08 11:08:43Second, "Heroic" means "PvP." Oto Mustam is the PvP server, and that is why the perma-death and augmented drops and exp are there. Players are intended to compete against each other and kill each other on this server, and that includes...