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By kitsuneshin - 2010-02-25 23:45:03 in Meetings
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When I started playing dofus around two years ago, I met another newbie named livenkiller. We started to play together more and more as we explored Dofus and ended up being much closer than expected. We exchanged phone numbers and started talking outside of the game and ended up falling for each other. We had our fights and periods of time when things were rough, but for the most part we were happy together. About a year ago her mother found out about the relationship though(we had been keeping it...
By kitsuneshin - 2009-12-14 01:16:57 in General Discussion
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I'm curious when the final three dofuses will be released. This game has been out for a rather long time and I understand the idea of wanting to keep a game fresh and new, but I think at least the core of the game should be completely released by now :/. Dofuses aren't like other gear in that they aren't really upgrades of each other, they all just do a different thing. I guess I'm asking if the ice dofus, ivory dofus, and ebony dofus are going to be released into the game any time soon. If they...