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Sram Lvl Omega 80 Echo
Xelor Lvl 183 Echo
Rain Foxes
Osamodas Lvl 171 Echo
The Black Corps
Sadida Lvl 45 Echo

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The merianna's statue can be used to repeat old dofus fights, however this one is not repeatable. Did ankama forget to add the option? If so could you do it?
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Everyone knows dofus has bugs and ankama takes long to fix them.
Let's now talk about the fact that i've waited long enough for ankama to respond to my question.. 18 days. That's more than enough to respond... 
Let me explain my problem again, hopefully ankama will read this.
I put my spells on the spell bar the way i want so i can access them easily, str spells on 1 place, int spells on other etc. Since the 2.45 update came in dofus every maintance the spells get resetted on their original position...
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After every maintance since the new update my spells get resetted on sram (in the order as i level up). Strangely enough this happens ONLY on sram. All special spells are gone from the spell bar too. Any idea why this happens?
this is how they are after the maintance and before maintance after i put them are just a little bit more organised.
Another maintances came and my spells are messed up again. They get reorganise every time there is maintance....