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Relic Hunter Of Texas Enutrof Lvl 187 Rubilax
Name Not Needed Ecaflip Lvl 6 Rubilax
Luigi Boss Enutrof Lvl 6 Rubilax

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Ok guys, 1st of all happy new year 2017.

So, today i was trying to make my arcus shushu and wanted to farm some cloudy cotton. I, being an enutrop was happy that "Yes i can get them very fast". I, started doing Stasis 20 mode of celestial prairies in bonta.

After doing almost 134 times i had got over 117 global horn which has a drop rate of 1% but, 0 and i repeat 0 number of cloudy cotton which has a drop rate of 5%

This a nice pun by ankama  
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I have 40 bucks subway card and i tried to buy 23000 Ogrines, but i see no option. There is only 20 bucks worth option for subway card. How can I buy ogrines with 40 bucks subway card ? Please provide any info you guys have
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Hello all,
Soon my feca will hit lvl 200, and as i was checking the new gears, i saw some new good gears which could work great with area-of-effect mastery feca.

So, i was wondering, if anyone has tried this or not.

My feca now has these resist :-

AIR 779 82% WATER 761 82% FIRE 831 84% EARTH 801 83%

And elemental damage of :-

FIRE 1230

EARTH 1234

WATER 1056

And secondary damage of :-

Area-of-effects mastery 412

Single target Mastery 55

Close Combat Mastery 139