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Ecaflip Lvl 183 Echo
Masqueraider Lvl 159 Echo
Sacrier Lvl 96 Echo
Sadida Lvl 44 Echo
Sram Lvl 38 Echo

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By kinfdofus - 2015-11-25 18:56:22 in General Class Discussion
1 566
Hey guys, so after taking a break I decided to return to the game, however I am in two minds about switching classes. My current 4 man team consists of the following:- Panda (cha), Iop (str/int), Eni (heal/int), Masq (str/agi); all above level 130 with Iop being 177. My concern is that I feel I want to change my Iop to Eca (str) and my Masq to Elio (agi) but I don't know if Eca/Panda/Eni/Elio is better than a Iop/Panda/Eni/Masq. I have heard many good stuff about the synergy between Eca/Elio and...
By kinfdofus - 2014-02-01 04:30:24 in Iop
2 902
So I've decided to make an int iop, and due to the soft caps of int being so low it is essential for me to scroll int however I have heard that vitality is an important stat also to scroll aswell as int, my question and concern is this: - how important exactly is it to scroll vit? I mean would it be ok to just scroll int and pump stats into vitality? or should I scroll int AND vitality? Please note that my funds are pretty tight so if it isn't such a huge deal to scroll vitality then it'd save me...
By kinfdofus - 2014-01-25 02:23:13 in Cra
2 1044
Hey, so I've currently got a lvl 156 str cra, 141 cha sac and making an int eni - currently lvl 73.
So my question is, should I replace my sac with a feca? or should I stick to this as it is, should I use a cra - eni - sac setup or a cra - eni - feca setup?

PS on a side note, when exactly should I stop leeching my eni and why?